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Suggested changes to w.d.o/misc/merchandise

Dear colleagues,

After reviewing the links and the merchandise provided by the vendors,
I would like propose the following changes in

- Antcom Shop: remove "hats, stickers, umbrellas, mouse pads". These
items appear not to be anymore available in that shop

- Debian France: add "USB-Sticks , napkins" (these are sold, but are
not listed in the site)

I would also like to propose putting first in the list those vendors
that are donating to Debian and last in the list those that do not
(i.e. group them). Otherwise there does not appear to be any incentive
to do so, as a vendor that does not do it (Antcom) appears prominently
in the first position in the list just due to alphabetical ordering.

Finally, in the information required for vendors (end of the page) I
would suggest asking also them to provide wether any of the income is
donated to Debian.

To be even more transparent it would be best to point (if available)
to some report (from SPI?) indicating which vendors have actually
donated money to Debian and which have not. Is this at all avialable?

As Debian user and developer, I would like to purchase first in those
places that I can guarantee that donate back to Debian, and this is
not at all evident with the current information avialable on the

Best regards,


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