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Re: Giving up on Debian

On  7-02-2018, at 06h 49'18", Gary Vaught wrote about "Re: Giving up on Debian"
> I've never gotten a response from user support. This is the first response
> I've ever gotten from ANYTHING.  And, to be clear, I never needed user
> support until I upgraded to my current version.  Everything that I needed
> was available via user forums.  So, given that I loved all of the previous
> versions of Debian that I used, I will try to work with user support - just
> give me a WORKING email address or web link to contact them.  I don't care
> which.  I'd love to continue with this and not go to something that is more
> Windows-like.

I understand your pain, Gary. I use Debian since 1997 (and Iris Unix
in 1995-1996). I never used windows. I never used other Linux either.
Many years I was using sid, regulary using testing, rarely using

Now I have to use oldstable, because stretch simply breaks basic
things. I do get answers from user list, but no solutions, so I had to
downgrade. I am not that far yet to consider another distro, but I
will never use stretch.

Did you try to downgrade?

You can get answers via the user list: debian-user@lists.debian.org.


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