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Giving up on Debian

I started using Linux back 2003.  I have always had good/great things to say about Debian until my most recent distro install - which I can't even find the version in the OS.

The package management is completely hosed for me - I can't install the packages that I want to use, I can't uninstall the stuff I don't want.  The "default" (read "ONLY functioning") browser is completely non-compliant with modern web development.  If I wanted this kind of experience, I'd go back to Windows.  I'm sorry folks, but I find your OS completely unacceptable.  I really wanted to work with this and make it work, but after several months of compromised functionality and high frustration, I'm going to another distro that will allow me the control over my system that I learned to love back in '03 through '05.

Best Regards,
Gary D Vaught

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