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Bug#845297: Website transition from CVS to Git - script including cvs-revisions in commits

Hi Paul and web team

Thanks Paul for your work on this!

I couldn't find time to pass the script to the repo myself (including
the authors file).

Feel free to do it yourself, and substitute the webwml2git repo with the
contents of your migration, if you like.

Meanwhile, I've updated the git repo to be in sync with the CVS commits
to the date of today (2017/12/22), using the same "git cvsimport"
command I did last time.

El 06/12/17 a las 04:52, Paul Wise escribió:
> Any tweaks needed to the CVS version numbers part of the commit logs.

I feel that "CVS version numbers" may match to some other present commit
messages when parsing logs. Maybe it's useful to add some character(s)
to make that line "unique"? For example:

###--- CVS version numbers

(Please drop this suggestion if it does not make sense, no strong
opinion on that)

> After the repo has been converted, use the cvs-revisions file to add a
> git commit automatically rewriting all the translation-check headers
> to the git-based system Laura proposed.

Somebody has to write a script... I don't feel myself skilled to write
from scratch, but I'll try to read, understand and test if anybody comes
with a proposal.

Also, help on migrating the corresponding Perl scripts to handle
translations with git instead of CVS is welcome! See the current status:


We're almost there! If anybody wants to jump in, this is your opportunity :)


Laura Arjona Reina

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