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Bug#845297: Website transition from CVS to Git - now with cvs-revisions file

On Mon, 4 Dec 2017 14:50:41 +0100 Laura Arjona Reina wrote:

> I've done another "git cvsimport" conversion, this time with the -R
> option so we get a file "cvs-revisions" mapping each file+cvsrevision to
> the corresponding git commit.

Great, we could use that for a redirector from viewvc to cgit URLs.

I was thinking the revision info should be in the commit messages too,
so that anyone can look up historical CVS version numbers in gitk.

Based on Osamu Aoki's git-cvs sync code I've come up with the attached
script that works for me with a small CVS repository. Like git-cvs,
the script rsyncs the repository locally for faster conversion.
I haven't tried it on the full webwml CVS repository. The additions to
the git commit logs are customisable. The script also adds itself to
the git history as a record of exactly how the conversion was done.
It needs customising to set your username and to switch from the small
CVS repository to webwml.

> -A ./cvs_authors_20170820.txt

I couldn't find a copy of this, is it online somewhere?



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Description: CVS to git conversion script, preserves CVS revision numbers

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