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Bug#845297: Website transition from CVS to Git - now with cvs-revisions file

On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Paul Wise wrote:

> I haven't tried it on the full webwml CVS repository.

I started the cvs2git script yesterday and it completed overnight. The
results look fine, here is an example commit log from one of the
recent CVS commits:

    Add link to  non official images for some more ports

    CVS version numbers

    english/ports/index.wml: 1.133 -> 1.134

If people want to change how the CVS part looks that should be easy by
customising the sed commands in the script.

I didn't get the authors file before starting the script though, so it
doesn't have full author names in the commit meta-data.

I think the remaining things to add to the script are:

The authors file.

Any tweaks needed to the CVS version numbers part of the commit logs.

After the repo has been converted, use the cvs-revisions file to add a
git commit automatically rewriting all the translation-check headers
to the git-based system Laura proposed.



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