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Re: Guided image selection: POC, RFC

Am 07.12.2017 um 00:31 schrieb Wouter Verhelst:
>> First thing I noticed: the cursor doesn't change when moving over the
>> selection options. The cursor should indicate that you can click on the
>> fields by changing to the usual hover-over-link cursor (no idea how it's
>> called in webdesign language).
> That would be the "cursor:pointer" CSS value. Good point, thanks. Added that.

Great, it improves the (my) user experience a lot!

>>> - After asking questions, it tells you 'this is what you asked for', but
>>>   it doesn't actually give you the URL, because that part hasn't been
>>>   implemented yet.
>>> - There is a button "disable this, give me the full list". Once you
>>>   click on it, it's gone and there's no way to get it back (other than a
>>>   page refresh). This may not be ideal.
>> In general the navigation needs to be worked on. There should be options
>> to go back and forth in the walkthrough. That's completely missing so far.
> A back button is actually slightly more complicated than I thought at
> first, but it's a good point and I should add it. I'll work on it some
> more.
> A "start over from scratch" button is reasonably simple though; I've
> just added that.
> I don't think a "go forward" button is useful, and I'm also not sure
> what it should do, so I'm not adding that.

I agree that a forward button is not needed. A back button though is
necessary in my eyes. Honestly I even think that the browser back button
should work here. It's a bit counter-intuitive that it doesn't. Probably
that's possible with Javascript, just need to figure out how?

I thought a bit more about the "disable this screen" button: I don't
like the current behaviour that it merely disables the javascript
walkthrough but stays on the same page. That's not very intuitive in my
eyes. Why not separate the walkthrough and the full list two separate
pages with separate URLs? I think that would be more intuitive.

If people browse the download page, they first see the walkthrough -
with a link to the full list below the selections. And on the full list
page there's a prominent link to the walkthrough page above the actual list.


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