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Re: Guided image selection: POC, RFC

Hi Wouter,

Thumbs up for taking action and working on a practical solution to the
problems discussed on debian-devel@l.d.o!

> I spent much of today on a bit of Javascript to guide a user through
> selecting the right image for his or her use case; the idea being that
> we'd ask them a few questions, and then say "this is the image you'll
> need to download if you want to install Debian like that".>
> A proof of concept is up at
> http://latin.grep.be/~wouter/debian-www/releases/stable/debian-installer/

I quite like the idea of such a walkthrough. In my eyes it would be a
great improvement to the current situation and I'm in favor of further
developing it as our new download page.

As you wrote yourself, it's quite rough at the moment, but that can be
fixed :)

> If people like this, it will require some more work before it can go
> live. In particular:
> - It currently has no visual appeal. Someone with better graphical
>   design skills than myself will have to fix that.

Unfortunately I cannot help either here ;)

First thing I noticed: the cursor doesn't change when moving over the
selection options. The cursor should indicate that you can click on the
fields by changing to the usual hover-over-link cursor (no idea how it's
called in webdesign language).

> - After asking questions, it tells you 'this is what you asked for', but
>   it doesn't actually give you the URL, because that part hasn't been
>   implemented yet.
> - There is a button "disable this, give me the full list". Once you
>   click on it, it's gone and there's no way to get it back (other than a
>   page refresh). This may not be ideal.

In general the navigation needs to be worked on. There should be options
to go back and forth in the walkthrough. That's completely missing so far.

> I decided not to spend too much time on that now though, since I thought
> it would make more sense to show what I've got so far and ask for
> people's thoughts.

Again, great that you actually started working on it. As said above, I
like the idea.


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