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Re: Chinese homepage not updated properly?

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Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> wrote:
> Hello
> I've had a look at this and made some tests, I didn't arrive to any
> conclusions but I'll write here what I've found, for the case it rings a
> bell for somebody:
> * The chinese/security/dsa-zh-*.rdf files are generated automatically
> when a new security file is published, but the
> chinese/security/index.zh-*.html are not re-generated (nor the general
> homepage)
> * The chinese/security/index.zh-*.html files were generated on Nov 13th,
> same date as the chinese/templates.zh.po were updated. I guess that the
> dependency triggered the rebuild of these, the homepage, and many other
> files.
> * I have removed the html files and ran "make" to generate them
> manually. Then ran "make install", I guess that with the next website
> rebuild the files will be copied through mirrors and the Chinese
> webpages (index and security/index) will show the updated list of
> security advisories.
> I've had a look at /english/Makefile and /english/security/Makefile and
> I see that specific code to generate zh variants is written for the
> generation of some files (sitemap, search, the rdf files in security...)
> but not for the corresponding "index" files. Maybe specific code should
> be written in order to get those files generated properly, but frankly I
> don't know why are they generated well, if I just remove the html files,
> and run "make"...

Please note, that this is a longstanding issue.

I remembered there was a bugreport on this, but I couldn't find it.
Then I found it, it has been closed in August 2017. It's here:

So, this has been closed in error.
Thus, I'm reopening it.

Simon Paillard stated there, that the complicated Makefiles for Chinese 
are the point ...


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