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Re: ok for applying my patches about bugs search forms?

Le 29/06/2016 20:43, Don Armstrong a écrit :
> On Wed, 29 Jun 2016, Stéphane Blondon wrote:
>> I agree that the first form in https://www.debian.org/Bugs/ ('Find a
>> bug by number') should follow the same structure. There is a patch
>> attached to this message to do it.
> This seems to replace the current single line search with a multi-line
> form with multiple <br> and inline style elements. I don't personally
> see this as an improvement to the search form; perhaps there's something
> I'm missing, though.

One idea is to have the 'Find' button at the end of the form and not
inside it. It can be achieved by modifying the order of the inputs and
keep it inline. It's ok for me too.

> [If a multi-line approach is actually what is wanted, that should
> probably be implemented using CSS rather than <br> with an appropriate
> submit/reset style so that future changes can be limited to the CSS file
> rather than individual code changes to the entire website.]

I agree that the inline style should be replaced by style in the CSS. I
will send a patch for the 2 package forms for that. (Not needed for the
first bug form if it's keep inline.)

>> However, it seems you talk about the second form ('Select bug reports on
>> the WWW'). Is it right? What do you wish for this one ? It seems to be
>> ok for me.
> Yes, that's what I was talking about; didn't realize that wasn't what
> you were referring to.

I don't see obvious improvements:
 - The 'Categorize using' does not have a form so I guess it's a title.
If it's the case, it would be better to have an emphasis compared to the
sub-elements ('Order by' and 'Misc options'). I would choose to set h3
to the sub-items. Others solutions are indenting the sub-items or
removing the title for example.
 - Removing and having a lighter separator to remove the feeling each
input is separated from the other ones.
 - I don't see what to do with the big explanation for the first element
('Select bugs'). It's necessary to keep it but it's surprising to have
it empty for all the others items.

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