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Re: Please update Ports wiki page


Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> wrote:
>    2.4 In german translation (maybe others too) for arm64 and ppc64el, 
>        there seems to be an archicture name missing in the release-notes: 
>        the headline says
>        "Hinweise zur Debian-Veröffentlichung Version 8 (Jessie) auf "
>        (missing the arch name at the end).
>        English is ok, though.

I have fixed this for German.

And additionally I added the English names into Japanese, Polish and 
Brazilian Portuguese translations, since they suffer form the same
problem. So having english names is better than having no name at all.

Japanese, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese translators of
release-notes (in CC:)

Maybe you want to translate the arch names for arm64 and ppc64el in
your language specific "language.ent" file.


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