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Re: Please update Ports wiki page


Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 9:55 AM, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> > The Ports wiki page (https://www.debian.org/ports/) appears to be out
> > of date. Its causing confusion among users and maintainers. For
> > example, a few bugs were reported for Sparc even though Tokarev, a
> > QEMU-<arch>-static maintainer, states its no longer supported.
> >
> > Spark should probably be labelled as discontinued.
> I've CCed the SPARC porters, hopefully they can come up with a patch for this.
> I expect they would be interested to hear about bugs in qemu so they
> can fix them.

1. Please note that the page is not a wiki, as stated above.

2. And additionally to the issues mentioned above, it's even worse:

   2.1 There are more archs listed as "released", while they got
       removed from Jessie: ia64, kFreeBSD 64-bit, kFreeBSD 32-bit, 
       s390, and the already mentioned sparc.

   2.2 The link to the release notes on the ports page for
       the above mentioned archs shows release-notes for Debian 7.0, 
       even if it points to stable: clicking on
       shows an oldstable release-notes.
       That seems to be an apache issue: the pages exist from the
       Wheezy times, and did not got removed with the release of

   2.3 There is a valid release-notes for s390 for Jessie, even if
       that port is not existing in Jessie.

   2.4 In german translation (maybe others too) for arm64 and ppc64el, 
       there seems to be an archicture name missing in the release-notes: 
       the headline says
       "Hinweise zur Debian-Veröffentlichung Version 8 (Jessie) auf "
       (missing the arch name at the end).
       English is ok, though.


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