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Bug#816159: www.debian.org: new introduction for blends page

Hi Ana,

Quoting Ana Custura (2016-03-05 20:23:36)
> Hi all,
> On 05/03/16 14:01, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>> Of course, the information can be rephrased and moved if one wants 
>>> to put less emphasis on it (for more emphasis elsewhere).  For 
>>> instance, we could add something like "Debian Pure Blends are 
>>> developed, distributed and supported fully within Debian" at the end 
>>> of the current "first paragraph".
>> That sounds like a nice improvement to me.
> With regards to the second paragraph that was removed, 'forks' is not 
> a concept most end users will be familiar with,

Then how about "not deriving away from Debian" instead - is that a 
common and familiar concept/expression in english?

> but the idea that blends are entirely contained within Debian is 
> important.

I think that changes focus:

Discussing whether the piece you hold in your hand and am interested in 
is contaminated or not is different from discussing how a lot of pieces 
(only a fraction of which you as a user have a direct interest in) are 
all uncontaminated.

> I suggest we add a second paragraph:
> "Debian Pure Blends are developed, distributed and supported fully
> within Debian. Therefore, if you obtain a complete
> Debian distribution, you have all available Debian Pure Blends
> available for installation."
> How does this sound?

To me that sounds less relevant for me - as a potential user of a blend: 
It talks about how all blends are in Debian, rather than (as the 
original text) each individual blend - e.g. the one specific blend I am 
interested in.

 - Jonas

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