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Bug#816159: www.debian.org: new introduction for blends page

Le Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 03:31:08PM +0800, Paul Wise a écrit :
> I would like to change the current introduction to Debian Pure Blends
> on the website to the following text.

Hi Paul and everybody,

maybe I am too much of a scientist, but I prefer when the first paragraph
directly answers to the question "what is this ?".  I tend to lose interest or
focus when reading narratives such as the first paragraph you propose below.

> <p>
> A general purpose operating system like Debian can be the perfect solution for
> many different areas of life.
> Whether you want Debian to work for you in the classroom, as a games machine,
> or in the office, each area has its own unique needs and requires a
> different subset of packages tailored in a different way.
> </p>

This said, the paragraph below (or the alternative versions discussed in this
thread) would be a nice improvement to the current page.  Thank you for
proposing this.
> <p>
> Debian Pure Blends are a solution for groups of people with specific needs.
> Not only do they provide handy collections (meta-packages) of specific packages,
> but they also ease installation and configuration for the intended purpose.
> They cover the interests of different groups of people, who might be children,
> scientists, gamers, lawyers, medical staff, visually impaired people, etc.
> Their common goal is to make installation and administration of computers
> for their target audience as easy as possible and to connect their audience
> with the people who write or package software for that audience.
> </p>

By the way, I do not see the paragraph starting by "Debian Pure Blends are not
forks from" in your proposal.  Are you suggesting to remove it ?

Have a nice day,


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