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Bug#816159: www.debian.org: new introduction for blends page

Hi All,

On 01/03/16 13:18, Charles Plessy wrote:
> This said, the paragraph below (or the alternative versions discussed in this
> thread) would be a nice improvement to the current page.  Thank you for
> proposing this.
>> <p>
>> Debian Pure Blends are a solution for groups of people with specific needs.
>> Not only do they provide handy collections (meta-packages) of specific packages,
>> but they also ease installation and configuration for the intended purpose.
>> They cover the interests of different groups of people, who might be children,
>> scientists, gamers, lawyers, medical staff, visually impaired people, etc.
>> Their common goal is to make installation and administration of computers
>> for their target audience as easy as possible and to connect their audience
>> with the people who write or package software for that audience.
>> </p>

I quite like this to replace the first paragraph.

> By the way, I do not see the paragraph starting by "Debian Pure Blends are not
> forks from" in your proposal.  Are you suggesting to remove it ?

I don't think it's necessary to remove the second paragraph, it's
important to the concept of Pure Blends and is not covered in the first

As the last message was on the 1st March, and this has been reviewed by
debian-l10n-english, I guess we've reached consensus.

Ana (in CC) has been doing some work on the blends website. I will let
her make this change in the webwml repository so she can get some
exposure to the BTS.


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