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Who's using Debian?

Dear Debian-Team,

about my previous email in regards to updating this site:

It was pointed out to me that you are requesting to use a specific format for the entries to be provided, if possible. I apologize for ignoring the desired format in the previous message. Here is the text in that format now:

EIN LINKER, City Councillor's Office of the political party LINKES FORUM, Radevormwald, Germany



We are using Debian as a desktop operating system. Currently (2014) all but one system in our office run Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 and 7.6., that is four laptops and one workstation. They are running classic GNOME-environments or XFCE and the primary programs used are, in respectively current versions: LibreOffice, Sylpheed or Icedove, Iceweasel, Scribus, Inkscape and The GIMP.

We have been using Debian GNU/Linux since 2011, from Version 6.0 to 7.6, successfully and to our full satisfaction. Our original decision to switch to Debian was based primarly on three reasons:

- stability and security
- to support a genuinely independent project, which also reflects some of our own political ideas
- saving license fees

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

-Fritz Ullmann
Stadtverordneter im Rat der Stadt Radevormwald

Fon: 02191 8994742
Fax: 03222 6462027
EIN LINKER. im Rat der Stadt Radevormwald
Kirchstr. 5
42477 Radevormwald

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