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Who's using Debian?

Dear Debian-Team,

we request to be added as a Debian user on your site with the following information:

LINKES FORUM in Oberberg e.V., Gummersbach, Oberbergischer Kreis, Germany



We have chosen Debian GNU/Linux 7.6. as our main desktop operating system for setting up two home offices this year (2014). Two laptops are running classic GNOME-environments and XFCE. Current versions of the following programs are used: LibreOffice, Sylpheed or Icedove, Iceweasel, Scribus, Inkscape and The GIMP.

We are using Debian as our first choice for a number of reasons:

- practical (and positive) experience with Debian in our city councillor's office
- to support a genuinely independent project, which also reflects some of our own political ideas
- saving license fees
- stability and security

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards,

i.A. Amel Horozovic

Der Vorstand des LINKEN FORUMS in Oberberg

Fon: 02191 696 043-2
Fax: 02191 696 043-3
LINKES FORUM in Oberberg e.V. in Gründung
p. Adr. Reinhold Spisla
Gummersbacher Str. 12
51645 Gummersbach

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