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the web page layout

hi. I'm sendin this email to give a suggestion about the layout of the debian website (www.debian.org/)

I'm new in the linux world. I have been using ubuntu for one year, and now i'm beginning in debian. I tried to download it many times in the past one year but i did give up all of then just because i could not find an iso to download. The site is quite confusing!
There are a lots of links to click, and when you click you are redirected to another page with more infos e and more links scattered across the page... and  after all when you find the final link you are looking for, you are redirected to a page with lots of isos to choose. 

I know there is a lot of infos that must be given, but the way it is isn't intuitive. Looks like a maze where beginners easily get lost.

In the previous trying i always thougjt: "if is hard like this just to download an iso, imagine when i try to install and configure. It must be impossible".

I don't know if the people behind debian project wants "normal people" to use it. I dont know if we are welcome here. But if yes, i think it shuold be improve a little more. =)

 (by "normal people" i mean, non-hackers, non computer engineers, etc. People who works in another area, like lawyers, medicians, or even childrens or old agers...)

I hope it helps. 
Thanks. =)

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