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Re: Bug#388141: Handling the copyright mess of the website

Hi David,

Thanks for working on this difficult issue. I'll try to assist as much 
as possible for the Romanian translations, even though most of the 
translations are from before I joined.

About something you wrote:

On Du, 08 ian 12, 10:09:43, David Prévot wrote:
> If we don't ask people, we're stuck (as we are for many years), unless
> there is another nice solution we didn't yet think about. If a few
> persons prefer to refuse copyright assignment and prefer to forbid the
> rest of us to comply with our Social Contract, I don't see the point of
> allowing them to do that.

I would agree to relicense any of my (insignificant) contributions to 
one or more DFSG licenses, but I would not like to assign any of my 
copyrights to SPI or any other organization.

How would I forbid anyone from complying with the Social Contract?

Kind regards,
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