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Re: Bug#388141: Handling the copyright mess of the website

[ not responding to the bug report since you only responded
  to debian-www@l.d.o, anyway, I don't add anything new to
  this already crowded BR anyway ;-) ]

Hi Anrdei,

Le 09/01/2012 04:21, Andrei Popescu a écrit :

> I'll try to assist as much 
> as possible for the Romanian translations, even though most of the 
> translations are from before I joined.

Thanks a lot for that.

> About something you wrote:
> On Du, 08 ian 12, 10:09:43, David Prévot wrote:
>> If we don't ask people, we're stuck (as we are for many years), unless
>> there is another nice solution we didn't yet think about. If a few
>> persons prefer to refuse copyright assignment and prefer to forbid the
>> rest of us to comply with our Social Contract, I don't see the point of
>> allowing them to do that.
> I would agree to relicense any of my (insignificant) contributions to 
> one or more DFSG licenses, but I would not like to assign any of my 
> copyrights to SPI or any other organization.
> How would I forbid anyone from complying with the Social Contract?

Sorry I wasn't clear, I was referring to a previous part of my message:
today, the website license doesn't comply with our social contract (not
a DFSG compliant one), and you're right that we can simply address
today's problem, if all individual agree to relicense their work once
we've chosen another one (e.g. in #238245).

One problem is that we won't succeed: some previous contributors won't
reply to this request (some of them are not even among us anymore), so
these contributors are actually preventing the rest of us to comply with
our social contract (we'll have to remove or rewrite some content in
order to finish the job for example).

If we face a similar problem in ten years, e.g. if we reinforce our
Social Contract, and the license chosen in #238245 is not DFSG free
enough, we'll be back at square one (i.e. the same than ten years ago),
and some current active contributors as you or me might not be able to
respond to such request any more, forbidding the rest of the project to
relicense it's own website complying with the Social Contract.

If everybody would agree with a copyright reassignment or, as Stefano
proposed, a blanket permission to re-license under any DFSG-free
license, we should be able to address this issue in the future too: my
initial proposal wanted to address it once and for all, i.e. avoiding
being stuck in the future too (going this track would even allow us to
start right now, no need to wait that a license is picked in #238245).



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