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Re: Add an extra item to the CD faq: write image to USB

On 09/12/2011 05:55 AM, Luca Capello wrote:
> Because the Ubuntu website can change without any (prior) notice and
> thus we need to update our pages.  Including these relevant information
> (with links to external tools, if needed) in our pages means that the
> worst scenario will be that the links are outdated, but still what is
> needed is there.


On #debian @ irc.oftc.net and elsewhere, I feel mild embarrassment when
I have to refer people to the Ubuntu site for help writing USB images
from Windows (which is only *somewhat* lessened by the excuse that
Ubuntu appears to be upstream for win32diskimager). I would be happy if
someone with both skill in writing and access to the necessary systems
for testing would supplement our FAQ with our own set of instructions.


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