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Re: private email aliases considered harmful

Hi all,
probably BTS could help on the visibility problem side. I would like to
find a way to solve other problems too. Maybe there are some instruments
that could easy this listing work.

Let's start from what are pointing out: lack of visibility about email
processing. I think there are a few other areas where problem arise.
Some of them are related to processing: who is in charge for a specific
activity. Others are relate to checks that could probably be done
automatically: periodic checks about email/URL validity, alerts about
listing requests never checked, just to name a few.

Is there any way in Debian BTS to easily add a current state of the
processing? I mean, as in a workflow or in a task list. Something that
would say: listing request has been received, URL has been checked and
contains services on Debian, personal page is still to be created,
listing is still to be added.

If this is viable, or even without it, BTS could be used in order to get
a better visibility, but I am unsure about any influence the BTS can
have in speedup of listing. Just as an example: I don't think people
will "fix bugs" sorted by submission date, so probably you'll have old
requests still sitting there and new one already fixed.

And, about periodic check: should we open a new bug every two years in
order to made visible that new actions are taken in order to check
emails or URL? I am interested in a way to also let's this kind of
operation visible.

What about having a public mailing list instead of BTS. It would solve
the problem of visibility and probably (at least) permit to sort emails
by date and check if any action has still to be done (grouping email
with In-reply-to).


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