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Re: [joe@powerfulcms.com: Fwd: Consultant Addition]

Hi Francesca, debian-www* and consultants*,

Il giorno ven, 09/09/2011 alle 14.41 +0200, Francesca Ciceri ha scritto:
> In addition, on [1], is also listed Noèl Köthe.
> So Andrei, Giuseppe, Joey, Noél: do you have still time for this task? If
> not, any volunteer?
> Remember that is not requested to be a DD/DM to do this: any volunteer
> and contributor is welcome.

I am receiving the consultants@d.o emails. Much of my Debian related
work has been deferred for a long time, but since one week I started
back again. So I will take care of the large backlog of listing
requests. Please note that from time to time, I also send large batch of
emails in order to check if old entries are still valid.

> WRT Stefano's proposal (redirect request for additions in the BTS), IMHO it could be a regression
> of the current workflow: the idea is to delegate and extend tasks
> regarding the website, not to concentrate them in few hands.

I think the main problem is to coordinate work and, most important, try
to find what is pending since more time. I am unsure about the real help
that bug reporting could do. Just to write an example: how may we assign
each bug to specific people?


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