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Re: Proposal for mainpage layout (ML button)


Am 09.03.2011 17:48, schrieb Alexander Reshetov:

>>> For this i introduced mailing list button (like RSS buttons).
>>> I added pop-up message (Subscribe to RSS/Mailing List!)  when link(button) is
>>> hover, both for the RSS and ML in case if it isn't clear enough what
>>> this buttons do.
>> But we have two news mailing lists: debian-announce and debian-news.
> Yes. But news in the main page linked only to the debian-announce. [..]

No.  Look at the archives of the -news mailing list:

Everything but the DPN is/was also linked from the main page.  That's
because the most important announcements are send to the -annoucne
mailing list, while everything else is send to -news.

Best regards,

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