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Re: Request NOT to remove outdated translations from the website by removing files from CVS

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010 22:06:19 +0200
Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> > > What's worst, translators working in CVS do not have an easy way to recover
> > > removed/purged pages from CVS. It takes quite a lot of work (simplified only
> > > with shell access to cvs.debian.org) to review which CVS files have been
> > > moved to the Attic, and how outdated they were.

> >  *This* seems to be the only convincing argument in your mail - and I'd
> > rather like to have this addressed from a different angle of enabling
> > the copypage tool to check for a version in the attic instead of blindly
> > copying the english page, and for maybe also another tool that adds a
> > list of pages moved to attic to the statistic overview. Because that
> > would actually *help* to get those pages current again. Not having them
> > removed for endlessly isn't the proper approach IMHO.

> I've commited the changes to CVS and also updated
> devel/website/translating.wml to document these new features.
> Hopefully I have not broken anything.

> system "cvs status '$dstfile' >$tmpfile 2>&1";

I don't think it's not good to issue 'system "cvs...' for each copypage.
I think this should be selectable to cancel (something like --no-cvs switch will be enough)

some reasons:
cvs is slow... that's enough reason people use git like a proxy.

The file a person is willing to work is in the Attic
 is fairly fairly a rare case.

Especiailly for small team, 2nd case (in CVS but not in his copy)
- this means other person does the same file 
is very rare case, too..

More than 99% of all, this will do extra work only for time consume.

what happen if offline?


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