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Request NOT to remove outdated translations from the website by removing files from CVS

(CCing debian-i18n)

Hi guys,

I would like to request that the taks that removes the 'outdated' translated web pages
from CVS by removing them is stopped. 

Here's why:

- We already have a mechanism to warn of outdated (or very out of date pages)

- The sites see many cosmetic changes that 'outdates' translation for no

- Users/Developers that do not see the site translated are not encouraged to
  help with translation, whileas users that see that pages *need* to be
  updated are encouraged to.

- Users (at least Spanish-speaking) prefer out of date content in a language
  that they can understand that updated content in a language they don't
  understand (i.e. English)

What's worst, translators working in CVS do not have an easy way to recover
removed/purged pages from CVS. It takes quite a lot of work (simplified only
with shell access to cvs.debian.org) to review which CVS files have been
moved to the Attic, and how outdated they were.

Since many translators are not precisely 'fluent' with CVS, I've seen
occasions in which a new member of a language team, eager to help out with
the website, does a translation from the webpage from scratch *when there was
an outdated (but removed) version available.

In its current status the "purging" of outdated translations is really bad as
it moves the files to the CVS Attic and there is no log whatsoever (as far as
I know) that tracks which files where removed when. And no easy way to
recover for those that do not know the ins and outs of CVS.

What's worst, the list of "translations that are going to be removed" (i.e.
http://people.debian.org/~peterk/outdated/ linked from
http://www.debian.org/devel/website/uptodate) is not even current!

Could this (automatic) task be stopped, pretty please?

If this feature is really required (which I don't agree to) I would urge the
website team to find a way to *not* compile the wml files if the translation
is very out of date. But please DO NOT REMOVE the wml files with the out of
date translations from CVS!



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