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Bug#474766: Please sort www.debian.org/consultants in the respective language

-=| Andrei Popescu, Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 11:08:48PM +0300 |=-
> I'm not sure what this bug is about. AFAICT the sorting for 
> CD/vendors/index.wml is done by the translator. What needs changing?

The bug title talks about the consultatns page, the main content of 
which is not accessible by the translator.

The CD/vendors page is only slightly better - it allows the translator 
to order the countries in the index at the page top, without any 
control over the full list (which comes sourted by ISO country codes). 
And the "better" part is questionable since sorting <HRc>, <UKc> in 
your native language is quite awkward. In Bulgarian, for example, 
<HRc> must be after <UKc>. Apply that discrepancy for a list of 50 
countries and you can easily get a headache :)

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