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Re: wiki.d.o: SummerOfCode2009/KDE-based-packagemanager (bis)

Hi Gerfried,

On 2010-07-28 09:10, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

  As you bring the debian-www list into the game, I am commenting on it.

* Filipus Klutiero<chealer@gmail.com>  [2010-07-28 07:31:41 CEST]:
the wiki page
could use some work, but I can't easily edit it due to an edit
restriction on my account for this page set by Steve McIntyre in
revision 18. The restriction is commented by "Put the page back to where
it has been for a year. Philippe: why are you changing this after a
year?". I answered Steve's question and asked him to revert, but he
  Reading the thread shows quite interesting point of views on your site,
like working around the acl ban instead of doing collaborative
communication work.
Actually I don't notice any approach on discussing either the reason
for the change that you tried to force onto the page several times nor
does it help. Editing should be done with proper reasoning, not revering
with "I don't understand why you reverted so I revert again".
I don't follow you, I did give a proper reasoning: "revert unexplained reversion".
  Sorry to say that, but to me, reading the information you handed on,
the ban seems quite justified and bringing it up again without any
further input on the ground of where and how you tried to discuss your
wished changes to the page doesn't help, rather the contrary.
I don't understand how the ban can seem quite justified when it has no justification.

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