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Trouble with a vendor


My name is Neto. In June 19th, I ordered a distro from one of the websites I found on Debian.org. There, they say the product will be deliver in 7 or 10 days. In fact, today is July 15th, almost a month since the date of the payment and I did not receive anything. To make matters worse I tryied to contact them by email but they gave no reply. So, I don´t know what is going on... because the product did not arrive yet [and it was supposed to be delivered almost 20 days ago] and they don´t reply my emails.

Brazil´s vendor is Distribuições Linux : http://www.distribuicoeslinux.com.br/index.php?/Em-DVD/Debian.html

I´d like to know what to do.. if the Debian team can contact them or, maybe, suggest me any other trustful vendor because I really wanna use this OS.

Thanks a lot.

Raimundo Neto.







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