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Re: change to listing - linuxpusher

On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 11:52:14AM +0200, Klavs Klavsen wrote:
> 1) We now ship to all countries in the world - a CD shipped to the
I've adjusted the entry to say you ship internaitonally.

>   As we offer the site in swedish, norwegian, danish, english and
> german - I'd like to be listed in atleast those countries (I see
> there no listing for sweden and norway as of today).
The country location is where the vendor is located, not where they
ship to or what language the website is in.  Otherwise we'd have
multiple vendors in multiple countries.

I have updated your urls, DVD is yes and the Debian url.

> In regards to the contributions part - I would have liked to add the
The short answer, for the website at least is we will leave your
answer as no.

Being over in Australia which is a long way from Denmark I don't
understand your tax system.  Would having an orangisation in the EU
help? You might want to ask FFIS http://www.ffis.de/Verein/spi-en.html

Finally, for the donations part, you may like to ask the SPI treasurer
at treasurer@spi-inc.org

 - Craig

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