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change to listing - linuxpusher

Dear sirs,

My shop is currently listed under Denmark only.

Since then a lot has happened :)

1) We now ship to all countries in the world - a CD shipped to the US is 9,5DKK - ~1,2 euro As we offer the site in swedish, norwegian, danish, english and german - I'd like to be listed in atleast those countries (I see there no listing for sweden and norway as of today).

2) The site's primary URL is now www.linuxpusher.com - www.linuxpusher.dk, .se, .co.uk etc. all forward to .com.

3) We have both CD and DVD's

4) The URL for Debian is now: http://www.linuxpusher.com/distributions/Debian-GNU/Linux

In regards to the contributions part - I would have liked to add the possibility - but I asked (paid for a "binding answer") the danish tax agency - and they said I could not receive contributions and forward directly - I would HAVE to do 1 of two things:

- pay income tax of the money, before I sent it. If I received 10 USD - after income tax and VAT - I could only send ~3,5USD. And since there's an exponential tax in denmark (if you earn more - you pay more) - I could never know, until the end of the year, exactly what the amount should be :(

- if I can get a valid invoice from the company I contribute to, I can deduct and thus receive contributions.

Do you have a registered organisation/company that can produce a valid invoice - so I can offer contributions - or could you perhaps add an information in addition to the "no contributions" note - something about the legal state in Denmark (and probably in other countries) which makes it practically impossible to receive donations ?

Thank you in advance

Klavs Klavsen, GSEC, klavs@Linuxpusher.dk
Open Source Server, Security and Network Consulting

The company behind www.VirkPaaNettet.dk & www.linuxpusher.dk

"Open Source Software - Sometimes you get more than you paid for."

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