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Re: open tag and uppercase tag


 Not sure if you are subscribed yet - please forgive me the additional
mail if you are.

* Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it> [2010-06-04 10:47:51 CEST]:
> I'm a member of italian l10n team and currently I'm working on web
> site's pages, but I have a doubt: when I translate a page I often see in
> the english version some open tag or uppercase tag and I fix them
> (both in the english and italian page). I think that I have to fix it in
> all languages as explained here [1] but I'm not sure, so..here I
> am!:D

 It might be convenient and tempting to convert them all to lowercase,
but actually that's a job that WML itself does it is best to avoid that
to not annoy translators. If you really feel like it please also adjust
the translation-check header of those languages that are current

 This requires a complete (and current) checkout of the complete webwml
CVS tree, and using the smart_change.pl tool is there to avoid mistakes
at this stage.

 For doing such changes I would do like follows, with 
$> ./smart_change.pl -s s,somethingthatisntthere,somethingthatisntthere, \

 Then open */file/to/change.wml in the editor of your choice, adjust the
casing of the tags that bothers you much and quit. Please tripple-check
with cvs diff wether your change was proper, like written on the page,
then commit them all in one go.

 Please notice that your addition of closing paragraph tags in
webwml/english/devel/website/using_cvs.wml unfortunately wasn't proper
because <pre> tag can't be nested inside <p> tags. This is also
something that one should rather leave up to WML to do the right thing
especially when one isn't completely sure about their changes.

 So, in general: If uncertain, just don't do it, WML does have a fixup
stage that fixes most of the things that might disturb your eyes, and in
the other cases, feel free to ask beforehand when adding closing tags
because HTML sometimes is pretty picky about where they appear.

 Thanks for your effort anyway, and welcome to the group!
"most users choose convenience over security, and that's reflected in the
 choice of the current default"
   Hin-Tak Leung -- http://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=691339#c7

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