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Bug#567781: Converting English wml files to utf-8?

Am 01.06.2010 17:05, schrieb Gerfried Fuchs:

>> Would it make sense to convert the English wml files to utf-8 as it has
>> been done with some other languages, too?
>  Like written in #debian-www, if people are still aware that in the
> special areas for news entries and similar where data gets incorporated
> into other languages entities still needs to get used (this won't change
> before _all_ languages are converted to utf8!) then I am all for it and
> see it as a step in the right direction.

Which parts of the news entries would that be?  I only know some RSS
feeds created from wml files, but I guess it would be possible to solve
that problem by telling the RSS creation script that the created RSS
feed is utf-8 encoded.

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