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Re: Proposal: Redesign Debian.org

Please see my response below.

Kind regards,
Juti Noppornpitak
Shiroyuki Studio, ON, Canada

On 2010-06-01, at 5:40 PM, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>> I have a few ideas on how to improve Debian.org, especially without
>> messing with WML codes. Please go to http://vimeo.com/12189576 to see
>> the demo and give me feedback on what you think about it. Please note
>> that the video just shows the idea (mockup), not what it eventually
>> looks like.
> Unfortunately the flash video doesn't seem to work in gnash and there
> is no proprietary adobe flash player for powerpc linux. Also it's quite
> strange to put a proposal for a website into some flash/movie part, at
> least to me that concept is pretty new, but it feels awkwardly strange.

Just my stupid + lazy way to demo web design without setting up a server.

> Fortunately clive is able to download the video and xine is able to
> play the mp4. It looks nice at first, but I wonder how the menu on the
> left should work without JavaScript and with respect to accessibility.
> How does it render in textmode browsers, work with screen readers and
> the likes? How does the navigation work when someone uses the noscript
> addon for iceweasel/firefox (seems to be pretty common in the Debian
> user/developer base)?

Although I haven't tested it yet, the menu on the left is done purely by CSS. I forgot to mention that everything you see in the video is done by CSS alone. I actually thought of JavaScript too but it is, well, troublesome to think about progressive enhancement. If the old HTML structure complies with WAI, there should be no problem with accessibility as there is no change needed for HTML code.

I tested with major graphical browsers (e.g. SF, FF, Opera) but I haven't tried with text browser.

By the way, thanks for your feedback.

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