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Re: Proposal: Redesign Debian.org


* Juti Noppornpitak <jnopporn@shiroyuki.com> [2010-06-01 04:54:57 CEST]:
> Is there anyone thinking of redesigning Debian.org? Although the OS
> becomes better and better, Debian.org still looks the same.

 Yes, there are some people thinking about it. One of the proposal is
from Kalle Söderman and it has working code and catches more than just
www.debian.org, you can see his proposal on
<http://www.kalleswork.net/projects/debian/>, my test instance of it on
<http://www.deb.at/index.en.html>. Personally I am working on
setting up some test sites to experiment with it and find some areas
which do require some more attention before actually setting it live,

> I have a few ideas on how to improve Debian.org, especially without
> messing with WML codes. Please go to http://vimeo.com/12189576 to see
> the demo and give me feedback on what you think about it. Please note
> that the video just shows the idea (mockup), not what it eventually
> looks like.

 Unfortunately the flash video doesn't seem to work in gnash and there
is no proprietary adobe flash player for powerpc linux. Also it's quite
strange to put a proposal for a website into some flash/movie part, at
least to me that concept is pretty new, but it feels awkwardly strange.

 Fortunately clive is able to download the video and xine is able to
play the mp4. It looks nice at first, but I wonder how the menu on the
left should work without JavaScript and with respect to accessibility.
How does it render in textmode browsers, work with screen readers and
the likes? How does the navigation work when someone uses the noscript
addon for iceweasel/firefox (seems to be pretty common in the Debian
user/developer base)?

 Thanks for your ideas.

 On a not totally unrelated sidenote: I also have one spinning around in
my head about a worksession weekend for the web team. I can't propose a
date yet due to personal time constraints in the upcoming weeks and some
pretty uncertain factors about the medium future of my life, but I want
to have one this year. I would like to have at least Kalle, djpig,
symoon and myself there, potentially also Franklin and pabs for the
wiki, to be able to work on various specific aspects for the overall web
presence of Debian, at least with respect to the more official ones of
them. I don't have a specific agenda yet because of above mentioned
personal constraints, but I would like to cover packages.debian.org,
www.debian.org and wiki.debian.org at minimum.

 I just wanted to mention it so that people are aware that such a thing
might be coming up and not others come along make it look like it had
been their idea or proposal. There isn't much defined yet so hold your
horses and don't ask for the fineprint, this is just a first mentioning
of the idea.

 Have fun!
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 choice of the current default"
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