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Bug#583579: packages.debian.org linking to changelog from wrong distribution

Package: www.debian.org

Currently, in the page


(i.e., the package page for the sid (unstable) distribution) the link
to the "Debian Changelog" points to


which is the changelog for the lenny version (1:6.9.0-1+lenny4 from
September 2008), not for the sid version (1:6.13.0-2 from May 2010).

Maybe this bug is related to bugs #487518 and #574175? I noticed that
bug #574175 seems to occur also here: the links in "Download Source
Package" also point to the version in lenny instead of the sid

The lenny package is much older than the current sid package, so the
bug does not appear to be that the changelog would point to the most
recently uploaded version. However, I noticed that a few of the
various architectures still have the lenny version, so maybe the bug
could be related to that? Here is the list of versions from the bottom
of the above-mentioned page:

        Architecture           Version      Package Size Installed Size      Files
            alpha          1:6.13.0-2       676.4 kB     1648 kB        [list of files]
            amd64          1:6.13.0-2       629.5 kB     1456 kB        [list of files]
            armel          1:6.13.0-2       629.2 kB     1368 kB        [list of files]
   avr32 (unofficial port) 1:6.12.3-1       495.8 kB     836 kB         [list of files]
            hppa           1:6.13.0-2       658.9 kB     1496 kB        [list of files]
          hurd-i386        1:6.9.0-1+lenny4 316.8 kB     640 kB         [list of files]
            i386           1:6.13.0-2       600.7 kB     1364 kB        [list of files]
            ia64           1:6.13.0-2       867.8 kB     3024 kB        [list of files]
       kfreebsd-amd64      1:6.13.0-2       569.8 kB     1204 kB        [list of files]
        kfreebsd-i386      1:6.13.0-2       547.1 kB     1122 kB        [list of files]
   m68k (unofficial port)  1:6.9.0-1+lenny4 375.8 kB     828 kB         [list of files]
            mips           1:6.13.0-2       621.9 kB     1580 kB        [list of files]
           mipsel          1:6.13.0-2       614.6 kB     1572 kB        [list of files]
           powerpc         1:6.13.0-2       633.6 kB     1532 kB        [list of files]
            sparc          1:6.13.0-2       618.1 kB     1500 kB        [list of files]

-=- Rjs -=- rjs@cs.hut.fi, Riku.Saikkonen@hut.fi

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