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Who's using Debian?

  1. Madkom Ltd. (Madkom Sp. z o.o.), Poland

  2. Organization type: commercial

  3. Home page link:  http://www.madkom.pl/

  4. The company uses the Debian operating system for reasons of ease of implementation
    both in the same company, and customers

    Our applications, available through the SaaS, as well as traditional
    use the Debian server system.

    The decision was based on the selection of
    additional expandable components, availability of distribution, a regular cycle for issuing amendments, stability and support solutions for a wide range of equipment for a dedicated server solutions.
Yours Sincerely 

Mikołaj Laguna-Horodniczy
Marketing Manager

Madkom Sp. z o.o.
Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98
81-451 GDYNIA
tel +48(58) 712 60 20
mob. +48 791 231 101
fax. +48(58) 698 21 62 
Spółka zarejestrowana w Sądzie Rejonowym Gdańsk Północ,
VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego,
pod numerem KRS 0000230022.
NIP 586-21-43-912,
REGON 220026390
Kapitał zakładowy 100.000,00 PLN

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