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Bug#571325: packages.debian.org: Please update architecture list from debian-ports.

* Petr Salinger | 2010-05-28 10:36:46 [+0200]:

>>I made a patch which adds sh4 and powerpcspe. I didn't add sparc64 as I
>>haven't found a "status" page.
>Which one ? It is listed in

If you look at [0] in the category "Hosted architectures". I
architectures added have their a link to an info page.

>>Is it possible to merge this or do you want to have sparc64 as well?
>I would prefer including sparc64, as at about 62% of packages is available
>See also "sparc - upstream support" in bottom of

This is true.

>I personally do not use any of these architectures, though.
So I Cc:ed the porters. Is there something you want add? Which link do
you want to have at packages.d.o/sid/sparc64/<pkg>/download in the

 "See the <ARCH-LINK> ports page for current information."



[0] http://www.debian-ports.org


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