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Rhonda: please explain latest change to misc/merchandise.data


Yesterday, you committed r1.35 of misc/merchandise.data with the
following message: "add freewear.org, order alphabeticly".
Unfortunately, you combined two unrelated changes into one commit,
so I cannot actually point directly to the issue at hand — the

The reason why you sorted alphabetically was because you made such
a serious issue out of the fact that debian.ch was listed first that
you went to rant at me about it on IRC, and followed me when I chose
to leave the channel after telling you to do whatever you want and
to leave me alone.

I put debian.ch into that list, and I put it first, because it is
the only vendor that does not make *any* profits and who's revenues
go *entirely* to the Debian project. Arguably, I should have
discussed this first, but I thought I had a good reason, and there
was no policy.

Your behaviour on IRC seemed to suggest that you had a problem with
my self-righteous behaviour, as if I acted out of self-interest. Let
me remind you that debian.ch does not exist independently of Debian.
Each t-shirt we sell is more work for us, and considerably more
money for Debian than if a commercial vendors sells one.

Can you please provide a public statement why you think that it was
necessary for you chose to use your commit privileges to impose "the
ordering is purely alphabetically and no ranking or endorsement of
a specific vendor" (cf. misc/merchandise.wml, r1.5) for this entry?

Thank you,

PS: s/alphabetically/alphabetical/ in your last commit to

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