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Re: FreeWear.org


 First of all, sorry for getting back to you so late. Several things
piled up and most people were busy with different tasks. I can just
excuse for that and hope that it didn't leave a too bad impression on
you about us.

* Ramón Villaverde <r.villaverde@freewear.org> [2010-05-25 11:01:14 CEST]:
> URL: http://www.freewear.org/?page=sales
> Name: Debian
> Password: 16ptXAv48du

 Please don't send passwords for such logins to merchandise@debian.org
because it ends up in a publicly archived list. I would suggest to you
to generate a new password and send that to webmaster@debian.org only so
we have it stored in a private mailbox in case it's needed. Even though
the login doesn't seem to do much besides listing the accumulated data
it still feels weird to have this list through the archive accessible
for everyone.

> We've tried to communicate with you via e-mail on January 2010, with
> the data you ask for in order to add us to the Debian merchandise web
> page. Since last communication, we've expanded our Debian catalog (we
> hope you like it):
> http://www.freewear.org/?org=Debian

 It looks nice and seems to even have reasonable prices (even though the
shipping cost might be a bit heavy, but that's not your area), I wish
you well for your business! Just one note, when one puts something into
the shopping cart the layer message is in spain even when english is

> We've also considering including new products, like mugs, stickers,
> badges and magnets.

 Just let us know when it happens and we'll add it to the list!

> We would love to appear in the Debian merchandise providers list. We
> think that would boost sales, and that way we would be able to raise
> the per-item donation from 1€ to 3€ for web sales. This is the
> donation we apply to all the organizations which link us from their
> websites.

 It is added now in our version control system, it can take up to 4
hours to be visible on the website though.

 Thanks for your service, and welcome to the list.

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