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Re: Rhonda: please explain latest change to misc/merchandise.data


* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2010-05-26 16:16:19 CEST]:
> Yesterday, you committed r1.35 of misc/merchandise.data with the
> following message: "add freewear.org, order alphabeticly".

 No, it wasn't yesterday, it was today.

> Unfortunately, you combined two unrelated changes into one commit,
> so I cannot actually point directly to the issue at hand — the
> "sorting".

 Erm, that's trying to immensly distract from the truth. You are very
well aware of it because it happened due to a discussion between us on
IRC. Second false claim, sorry.

> The reason why you sorted alphabetically was because you made such
> a serious issue out of the fact that debian.ch was listed first that
> you went to rant at me about it on IRC, and followed me when I chose
> to leave the channel after telling you to do whatever you want and
> to leave me alone.

 And now it seems that "do whatever you want" does distress you. Not a
false claim in itself, but highly disturbing.

> I put debian.ch into that list, and I put it first, because it is
> the only vendor that does not make *any* profits and who's revenues
> go *entirely* to the Debian project. Arguably, I should have
> discussed this first, but I thought I had a good reason, and there
> was no policy.

 The policy was inherent in the file, having it sorted alphabetically. I
just formulated it out in merchandise.wml so that it's crystal clear
that the ordering isn't of any special endorsement but purely
alphabetically, like it always was added to, appart from your commit.
Your commit made me aware that the obvious isn't as obvious as it
appeared to me.

> Your behaviour on IRC seemed to suggest that you had a problem with
> my self-righteous behaviour, as if I acted out of self-interest. Let
> me remind you that debian.ch does not exist independently of Debian.
> Each t-shirt we sell is more work for us, and considerably more
> money for Debian than if a commercial vendors sells one.

 This is all fair and nice, but it doesn't change that the file was
meant to and appart from your commit was purely alphabetically. I
totally can understand that this stirrs you emotionally because you are
emotionally attached to the site, but that unfortunately doesn't change
much. Let me remind you of our social contract and the DFSG which
explicitly states that we do not want a special casing for Debian in

 Wether debian.ch does exist independently of Debian (which can be
argued about) or not doesn't play into the picture.

> Can you please provide a public statement why you think that it was
> necessary for you chose to use your commit privileges to impose "the
> ordering is purely alphabetically and no ranking or endorsement of
> a specific vendor" (cf. misc/merchandise.wml, r1.5) for this entry?

 Can you please provide a public statement why you think that it was
necessary for you chose to use your commit privileges to impose that
your entry is worth more than all the other vendors in the list and thus
open a can of worms for any sorting discussions? Those are all but
painful and will end in vain for everyone involved which isn't in the
interest of Debian, IMNSHO.

 Having that rule (that was in place and obeyed for a long time before
you added your entry) explicitly written out is a good thing to _not_
start heated discussion out of it.

> PS: s/alphabetically/alphabetical/ in your last commit to
> misc/merchandise.wml.

 Thanks, and I guess you are aware that you are very welcome to fix such
wording mistakes right ahead.


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