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We want to inform you we've donated via bank transfer 31.00€ to the
FFIS, corresponding to the sales from January to May. Sales happened
on the web and on the events 'DudesConf-es 2010 (A Coruña, España) and
'Akademy-es 2010' (Bilbao, España). As you already know, you can
follow your sales in this address:

URL: http://www.freewear.org/?page=sales
Name: Debian
Password: 16ptXAv48du

We've tried to communicate with you via e-mail on January 2010, with
the data you ask for in order to add us to the Debian merchandise web
page. Since last communication, we've expanded our Debian catalog (we
hope you like it):


We've also considering including new products, like mugs, stickers,
badges and magnets.

We would love to appear in the Debian merchandise providers list. We
think that would boost sales, and that way we would be able to raise
the per-item donation from 1€ to 3€ for web sales. This is the
donation we apply to all the organizations which link us from their

Besides web sales, we also send T-shirts for its sale at FOSS events.
In this case, we make a double donation: to the event organization and
to (3 € per sold T-shirt) and to the corresponding FOSS project (1 €
per T-shirt).

At this moment we're able to ship to anywhere in the world. Our
printing technique is high-quality hand-crafted screen-printing. If
you provide us with an address, we'll love to send you samples of our

We want to be transparent, so we're attaching a spreadsheet detailing
our profit margins, expenses and donations selling Debian merchandise.

Waiting for you reply, receive my sincere salutations,

Ramón Villaverde.

Open Source T-shirts
00 34 986 420 794

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