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Re: SummerOfCode2009/KDE-based-packagemanager

Le 2010-05-11 02:27, Frank Lin PIAT a écrit :
On Mon, 2010-05-10 at 14:20 -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
On 2010-05-09 08:51, Steve McIntyre wrote:
On Sat, May 08, 2010 at 11:33:08AM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:

"edit war" comment from Paul is entirely clear there - the wiki should
be a collaborative project and simply reverting over and over again to
force *your* changes to a page that somebody else has already worked
on is simply not a valid way to work.

No, edit wars have nothing to do with who the battling editors are
and/or their relation to the page prior to war.
There are lots of ressource on the web, describing what a _wiki_ edit
war is, like:
I know what an edit war is, thanks anyway.
I certainly can't understand (of course, I would understand if the first
edit restriction was justified).
The restriction was justified.
If the restriction was justified, why did I, the person who would use it the most, didn't see the justification?
Once your edit was reverted, you should not have reverted again (see
Why? [1] is about something different (page restoration/deletion).
  Instead, you should have discussed about your changes.
BTW, writing in a wiki is like coding, it is a good idea to "split your
patch" so other people understand what you do and why you do it.
You already said this, see http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2009/04/msg00021.html
[1] http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?DeleteOnceRestoreOnce

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