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Re: SummerOfCode2009/KDE-based-packagemanager

On 2010-05-09 08:51, Steve McIntyre wrote:
On Sat, May 08, 2010 at 11:33:08AM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
Hi Steve,
you reverted my latest revision to
SummerOfCode2009/KDE-based-packagemanager with the comment "Put the
page back to where it has been for a year. Philippe: why are you
changing this after a year?"
I'm changing because nobody else did it in a year. See thread
"wiki.d.o: SummerOfCode2009/KDE-based-packagemanager" on debian-www:
There was a clear answer there that your changes were not desired.
What is your point?
"edit war" comment from Paul is entirely clear there - the wiki should
be a collaborative project and simply reverting over and over again to
force *your* changes to a page that somebody else has already worked
on is simply not a valid way to work.
No, edit wars have nothing to do with who the battling editors are and/or their relation to the page prior to war.
I also started a topic on Wiki administration:
...no answers so far.

Can I ask why you're changing this?
You have worked around a ban on changing the page in question to
simply go and repeat the exact behaviour that caused the ban in the
first place. If you can't understand why that's a problem then I don't
know what else to say to you.
I certainly can't understand (of course, I would understand if the first edit restriction was justified). If you can't give a proper justification, I'm going to revert your change.
  To do this over a year later simply
suggests that you were hoping to have the last word simply by waiting
long enough.
Eh, the timing is simply a result of edit restrictions set by Paul Wise. In normal circumstances, edit restrictions set by administrators should not be bypassed. I therefore contacted Wiki content administration to resolve the issue, in April 2009. After prolonged inaction, I contacted Wiki system administration in February 2010. It seemed reasonable to let the team a month to react, but there was no reaction in over 2 months, so I had to do something.
If you want to work with people in Debian, you need to
learn to communicate with them.

Please revert
Fine, I'll do it. In the future, never implement an edit restriction if you're not willing to revoke it when you realize the restriction is unjustified.

Also, please avoid reverting a good faith edit if you're unsure and if you're not properly communicating with the editor (the changes history is not a proper discussion channel). More importantly, you should warn good faith editors before placing an edit restriction, and announce your restriction if you decide to proceed. Placing an edit restriction on a good faith editor without a warning nor an announcement is unacceptable.

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