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Re: www-master move: things to do

* Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> [2009-12-29 11:17:40 CET]:
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > -) The install manuals and release notes: They are just non-existent
> > yet. I am not completely sure why, still digging around the build logs,
> > if you have any hints or suggestions, feel free to throw them in.
> Probably because builds are only triggered when there are changes in them.

 At least in the past this wasn't the case, they got built every time
which caused different problems that I ranted about on here. I *think*
Simon did fix something in that respect, but I'm not completely sure if
it does now do the sane thing here...

> For the Installation Guide a build is currently triggered by an upload to 
> unstable [1]. For the Release Notes I think it's commits to SVN.

 I'm slowly digging into it, but I rather want to postpone changes in
that respect to a later stage and not make it happen with the move.
Doing it during the move will cause difficulties to pin down what the
cause of potential problems is.

> Please make sure the build dependencies needed for the Manual and Release 
> Notes get installed on the new host!

 Yes, that's what I try to figure out. If someone has documented
anywhere that the actual build dependencies are, pretty please raise
your voice. Also with respect to the doc parts! For the installation
guide I guess it can be extracted from the package meta informations,
but not everything is packaged.

> > -) _past_ install manuals and release notes: Their generation is
> > disabled so a manual syncing of that material might be needed.
> I would suggest syncing *all* existing versions, including the current.

 I rather would want to avoid that. We want to have a clear picture on
what actually is needed. At least we want to try that. In the end a
complete sync might be done nevertheless, but it won't be the basis for
the investigations and findings.


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