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www-master move: things to do


 I'm not sure if you are aware but the current host of www-master
(klecker) is wanted to get shut down by DSA, shipped to a different
place and re-dedicated for different services. To be able to do that
there is work underway to move www-master from klecker to wolkenstein.

 I started to set things up on wolkenstein, but it felt more natural to
do some things on my own system (because I was working on it alone and
had root there), that's one of the reason behind that www.deb.at exists
and is there in its current state already.

 Though, as time got past, I got distracted by various other things that
need to get addressed. Some things are still missing and I don't just
want to drop such notes only in #debian-www anymore where they scroll
past and get forgotten easily. This thread is meant as listing things
that are still open for the move.

 NOTE: The move will *NOT* enable Kalle's redesign work, so please no
comments in that direction; please do so in a different thread, for
easier tracking. It's just that we don't have (yet) an URL where we can
look at the content at wolkenstein, so please keep that in mind. I'll
follow up once we have that with the address.

 Things I noticed are still lacking:

-) above mentioned vhost on wolkenstein for a.) testing and b.) going
live [DSA job]

-) The install manuals and release notes: They are just non-existent
yet. I am not completely sure why, still digging around the build logs,
if you have any hints or suggestions, feel free to throw them in.

-) _past_ install manuals and release notes: Their generation is
disabled so a manual syncing of that material might be needed.

-) The whole doc/ ddtp parts. This is an area where I'm lost, too. I
don't think that anything in there is generated. developers-reference,
packaging-manuals and debian-policy exist, but those might be extracted
from packages instead of generated.

-) please add points you notice or think about

 I thought about once we got the vhost on wolkenstein we could extract
the current content from klecker (through ls -lR) and script around that
to compare if everything is on wolkenstein too (maybe even
content-wise? Might help to check the PDF generation with respect to
font issues for asiatic languages). If anyone is willing to create such
a script please raise your voice, it would be truly appreciated!


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