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Debian wiki configuration and widor now unrestricted

Hi all,

The Debian wiki configuration is available here:


In addition, DSA have now converted widor.debian.org to an unrestricted
host, meaning that all DDs can login there. Almost all of the wiki stuff
on widor is world-readable too.

If anyone has any questions about the setup or suggestions for changes,
please contact myself or Erinn Clark. I'm not subscribed to debian-www,
so please mail me directly after discussing changes here.

Some of the planned changes I can remember:

 * proper log rotation for the edit log and event log
 * some JavaScript to set some CSS on bug links for closed bugs
 * more wiki superusers and wikiadm group users (volunteers please!)
Thanks to DSA for making the recent changes to the setup to facilitate
the above and Franklin PIAT for helping create the new setup.



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