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cafe press shop

Dear webmaster,

I would once again like to point out that you are advertising a cafe press
shop on [1], that donates 10% of sales to Debian. The shop [2] uses
nothing other than debian logos. Cafe press shops are free to run. This
person is making money for minimal effort.

I also have a cafe press shop at [3]. I will donate 100% of my profits to
SPI, once my sales reach the max amount allowed for a cheque (to not waste
resources). I have sold over 40 debian items so far, the most popular
being one I designed myself [4]

I am doing this because I am not a developer, but I want to support
debian. I use debian-edu every day at work, and all my personal computers
run debian. I am active on the debian-edu list.

Of course you don't have to list my shop. Anyway I will donate 100% to
SPI. However, please remove the sponger[2] from the page. Instead you
could advise people to search for "debian" at Cafe Press.



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