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Re: [rt.debian.org #1484] move www.debian.org standby away from gluck to senfl

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currently gluck can act as www.debian.org for times when klecker is
either gone or broken, or when we reboot it into new kernels etc.

We would like to move that role to senfl.

I've already copied the apache config from klecker, which probably was a
tad more current that the copy on gluck.

Now, my question is regarding the day to day mirroring itself.  At the
moment this is done by the archvsync user and therefore by extension by
the mirroradm group on both klecker and gluck.

Mirroradm, should syncing the webpage continue to be in
mirroradm/archvsync's domain?  That is, do you want do maintain that
part?  Debwww, what would you prefer?  Having mirroradm do it or running
the stuff as debwww on both klecker and senfl?

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