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Re: Please add etch to the Debian archive page EOM.

There is no top level link to /releases anywhere that I can find. I never managed to find it.

I did not consult the FAQ - and it sounds like I should have.

The distrib page gets me to /distrib/ftplist, which has a link to / distrib/archive.

At this point in navigating debian.org, I have seen links to distribution images for every release, EXCEPT etch, and it is this fact which made me fairly frustrated.

By the way, I HAVE located the bits that I need, and have in fact finished installing my server.

On Jun 19, 2009, at 4:24 PM, Simon Paillard wrote:

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 03:32:24PM -0400, Justin Pitts wrote:
On Jun 19, 2009, at 15:11, Simon Paillard wrote:
On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 02:39:11PM -0400, Justin Pitts wrote:
Please add etch to the Debian archive page EOM.

By Debian archive page, you mean http://debian.org/distrib/archive I
guess ?

Actually, Debian Etch is still available on the regular mirrors as
"oldstable" distribution.

It will be added to http://debian.org/distrib/archive only once moved
away from regular mirrors to archive.debian.org.

Yes, that is the page I intended. I understand now the process you are following. I was frustrated that finding a download link for etch took
more than a trivial amount of effort. Thanks for your help.

Which path did you try / expect to find the information ?
(we know that the pah are sometimes complicated)

You can get the info for some places.

   -> "Other releases" http://debian.org/releases/
       -> http://debian.org/releases/etch
           -> http://debian.org/releases/etch/debian-installer/

   -> "Get" http://debian.org/CD/
       -> http://debian.org/CD/faq/
           -> http://debian.org/CD/faq/#old


Simon Paillard

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